KACTE Policy Documents

The KACTE Board, with research and input gathered from its members, develops and presents policy documents to guide its legislative and policy advocacy.

Industry Certifications:  An Opportunity for CTE Educators (2016) — A White Paper recommending professonal development for teachers and administrators on the value of industry certifications for students, employers and Kentucky’s economy.

A Proven Investment in Kentucky’s Future (2015) — A Position Statement calling for increased investment in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to support student success and spur economic development.

Kentucky Teachers Retirement: Responsibility, Recruitment, Retention (2015) — A Position Statement on the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System unfunded liabilities and the impact on quality education for the Commonwealth’s future.

Career Readiness in Kentucky (2011) — This is KACTE’s recommended definition for Career Readiness, which was submitted to the Kentucky State Board of Education. Two-thirds of the recommendation was adopted by the Board of Education as part of the state’s College and Career Readiness accountability system.

Attaining Competitiveness through Career Readiness (2010)

Leading the Transformation (2007)